Frequently Asked Questions



WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? This is not a formal event, so feel free to dress casually. 

WILL THERE BE FOOD OR DRINKS PROVIDED? No, and no food or drinks are allowed in the Davis Conference Center, however there will be water available. 

IF I DON'T RSVP MY KIDS, CAN THEY STILL COME? Yes, and children do not have to go to our provided childcare. But if you do want to put your children in the provided childcare we encourage you to still RSVP so we can get an estimated count. 

WHAT IF I AM LATE? CAN I LEAVE EARLY? You may come and go freely as you would like, please just be courteous to others.

I AM CONSIDERING COMING TO THIS EVENT, BUT I'M NOT SURE IT IS FOR ME? This seminar is for anyone interested in learning more about Mormonism and Christianity for the purpose of understanding and friendship. 

WHAT AGE GROUP IS THE SEMINAR FOR? ARE CHILDREN ALLOWED? Age appropriate childcare is provided for children birth through sixth grade. It is up to you as a parent/legal guardian if you want to put your kids in the provided childcare or have them sit with you. Children are encouraged to listen to the seminar, but please be respectful to those around you if your child is unable to sit still or remain quiet during the seminar. 

WILL THERE BE AN OPEN MIC FOR QUESTIONS AT THE END? No but there will be an opportunity to ask further questions online after the seminar.