SAFETY All of those providing childcare have been background checked and have received age appropriate training to work with your child. A checkin and checkout system will be used to make sure no one can pick up your child other than you. 

CHECKIN When you arrive at the conference center please look at the screens above the doors to see which age appropriate classroom you need. Volunteers will help guide you if you need any assistance or if you have any questions. You will receive a tag with a number that will match the one assigned to your child to ensure no one else can pick up your child other than you. 

FUN Kids will have a chance to play and interact through fun activities with other kids their age during the 90 minute seminar. No religious material of any kind will be used during the crafts and games. Please let someone know at checkin if your child has any specific special needs.  

RSVP If you are planning on coming to this event, you can register your child online ahead of time by clicking here