Did God give you the gift of music? Are you a vocalist, an instrumentalist, a sound engineer? Are you an artist with a gift in design, drama, or production? Our Worship Arts team helps people encounter God using their unique gifts and abilities.

Do you love creating "lightbulb" moments of learning, engaging young students in illustrative lessons and activities, and have a passion to help kids encounter God - maybe for the first time ever? Are you a helpful, reliable, and caring person who could be an assistant in our classrooms? Are you an organized and friendly person who would enjoy helping parents check their kids into our kids ministry? Children's ministry may be a great fit for you!

Please note: All kids ministry volunteers must clear a state/federal background check before volunteering

If you're a hard-worker, a heavy-lifter, or a problem-solver, we've got the perfect place open for you on our team! Do you enjoy logistics and the feeling of a job well-done? Can you manage a checklist like nobody's business and see a task through to completion? Let us know where you're gifted and what you're passionate about by clicking the button below and completing a short (5-7) minute survey to let us know!

Do you have the gift of hospitality and making people feel immediately at-home? Do you love networking and creating conversation? Maybe you love working behind-the-scenes and getting to see gears move and the church grow by helping track data or following up with first-time visitors. That's what Connections is all about!

Help us find your fit by completing a short (5-7) minute survey. Just click the button below to start.